mary wyatt, founder of carpenter hill

How it's made matters.

Growing up in a family of artists, I’ve always been drawn to things that are beautifully crafted by people with a passion for creating. And I know I’m not alone in this desire, especially when I’m out hunting for new products at a bustling market.

But these markets are often only on weekends, whereas the convenience of the Internet is always on. All the while, our country’s independent artisans are pushed aside by big box stores that value price and scale over quality and story.

So, after 5 years in digital media - where I learned the true benefit of technology is its ability to connect and enable people - I quit my job and founded Carpenter Hill to expand “local” to all who seek it.

By bringing the curated atmosphere of an artisan market online, Carpenter Hill simplifies your quest for quality while sustaining and growing a passionate community of artisans. For customers, it’s my great pleasure to travel the country to find and offer you only the best of the best American-made products. For makers, we take care of marketing and e-commerce, so they can further their reach without compromising their craft.

Please, have a look around, and join us in celebrating quality products for a life well made.

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Mary Wyatt