Wooly Wax Candles
Wooly Wax Candles



The Wooly Wax Candles story is a simple one. It started with Wooly Wax owner Rachel Woolcott's strong drive to explore the correlation between taste and scent profiles. And with a curiosity about how our sense of smell is perhaps the strongest trigger of memories and emotions. 


Though separate senses, taste and smell are intimately entwined. So the idea of creating a soy scented candle, inspired by Rachel's 20+ years as a chef, began with a dream of using base aromatic spices like juniper berry, long pepper or angelica seed. And then adding layers to that base. From there the possibilities seemed endless to create unique, aromatic scent profiles that have layers of meaning each and every time.


Rachel likes to work backwards from memories.  Formulating a scent can be challenging, but worth the journey. She creates scents that remind her of different parts of her life -- like as a kid, when she sneaked into her father’s study, which always seemed to be soaked in a comforting bouquet of leather, wood and Scotch -- this combination was the inspiration for the Wooly Wax Burmese Teakwood candle. San Francisco Fog was inspired by memories of growing up surfing and detecting the differences between the essence of early morning, damp, dewy sand and late afternoon onshore breeze.  


These life-inspired candles are just the beginning for Wooly Wax. Rachel enjoys exploring these connections and finding new ones along the way. She has paired with maker Anne Carnevale of Carnevale Clay to make the custom Carpenter Hill scent Petitgrain | Vetiver poured into handmade ceramic vessels.


Learn more about their collaboration in the video below.