With Love + Ink



With over twenty years of experience in the world of food and beverage, Idalina Colter has always had a love for organizing and creating amazing parties and events. Having married a chef, she began to add her special details to their dinner parties, birthdays, holidays and even her own wedding party. Her creative flair, attention to detail and attentive customer service all came together when she decided to design hand stamped, personalized paper goods for With Love + Ink. Starting her business through small boutiques on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, her high quality napkins, unique hand stamped designs and creative customizations quickly gained attention.


After two and a half years, With Love + Ink is now based in Southern California. Working from the comfort of home so as to spend time with her beautiful daughter Isabella, Idalina’s products are now sold in various farm to table shops around the country. With Love + Ink has been recognized by such publications as Vogue, Southern Wedding, Rustic Wedding and Martha Stewart magazines.


Idalina truly creates her products with love (and ink) and is excited to continue to share the future of With Love + Ink with her family, friends and anyone who wants to throw a one of a kind, hand crafted party!