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The Everyday Co.
The Everyday Co.



For as long as I can remember, family dinner was non-negotiable. Seven days a week, my siblings and I grew up watching our parents turn a small-town apothecary in into a multi-million dollar business​. Impressively,​ our family time was never sacrificed​, ​especially dinner. We gathered around ​a table built by my grandfather every night to enjoy my mother’s home-cooked meals and wiped our mouths with white paper napkins. ​Like most busy families, we never took a moment to recognize that the ​endless paper ​​napkins were affecting our environment.

Today, as we grow families and build happy homes of our own, we realize that we can all be more kind to the earth.​ My husband and I live in the city ​where space and storage prevent​s​ us from storing large​, traditional ​cloth napkins. Paper towels and napkins were what we reached for—​w​e needed​ ​to change that.​ ​​Together with my mom, we ​created​ something that people could use in their homes every day that didn’t feel as formal as​ ​​the​ ​traditional cloth napkin​ ​that​ ​usually only​ ​​make their appearances​ ​during holiday dinners.

​The original Everyday Napkin was designed to replace your stack of paper napkins​ ​and use less material that most other cloth napkins on the market.​ ​Our cloth goods are ​simply designed for function and style—perfect for every day and any occasion. M​ix and match, stack at home for any sized meal​. Keep handy, use on day trips, at work and on the go.​ Hand​crafted by our small but might​y​ ​and passionate ​team​ ​in Boston, Mass., ​m​any of our styles are ​made into small batches from found fabrics​. We believe it using what already exists and​ ​​using much of the material including ​it's salvage. ​Each piece is cut, sewn and hand-finished. ​

From our home to yours, we hope you enjoy your Everyday Co. cloth goods and use often