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San Francisco, CA


Suga Rocereto was born and raised in Japan where she spent many years working in the fashion industry. However, throughout her childhood she always enjoyed creating things with her hands. In 2004 she decided it was time for her life to head in a new direction so she moved to the U.S. and began studying jewelry design and fabrication. After working for a jewelry designer for a couple of years she launched her own line in 2011.


Suga enjoys fabricating pieces from scratch and she uses a lost-wax method, which allows her to create detailed designs. Each piece of jewelry is designed and handcrafted with care using precious metals - sterling silver, yellow gold or a combination of the two.


Suga's work is inspired by nature, art, architecture, philosophy and people. “I see their beauty in my daily life and attempt to transform my inspirations into jewelry - timeless, ageless, feminine, elegant and a unique style that you can wear everyday,” says Suga.


“I believe jewelry can influence our feelings. Hopefully, my jewelry will be an enhancement to your style and brighten your days.”