R. Murphy Knives
R. Murphy Knives



Family owned since its founding in Boston in 1850, R. Murphy Knives is the third oldest knife manufacturer in the United States. They make some of the best knives in the world using quality materials, like high performance carbon and stainless steel, to guarantee the sharpest edge possible. Today R. Murphy Knives is owned by husband and wife team, Mark Furman and Mimi Younkins, who are only the fourth owners in the company's storied history.


R. Murphy Knives has constantly been on the cutting edge of knife design. As American industry grew, they developed and crafted tools to support the burgeoning trades including knives for shoemakers, leather workers, butchers and textile manufacturers. And today, they're still innovating. In the kitchen, they're partnering with award-winning chefs to create new tools, tweak age-old designs, and improve performance. These partnerships have led to the Wellfleet Shucker and the Jackson Cannon Bar Knife, among others, with Chef’s Collaborative.


Proud to make all of their knives in the USA, R. Murphy Knives is committed to sourcing materials domestically, including steel from the Midwest, shaped handles from Maine, and leather goods from Massachusetts. Their beautiful, hardwood handles are carved in-house and contoured to fit seamlessly in the hand. Made in the USA has, and always will be, an important element of the company.


Each of their knives is made using hand-operated machines, many of which date back more than 50 years. Skilled craftsmen see each knife through the process: hardening, grinding, polishing and hand-honing to perfection. Adding modern-day technological improvements to the process, their knives deliver the sharpest cut time after time.