Hanselmann Pottery
Hanselmann Pottery



At Hanselmann Pottery, every mug, plate, or bowl is crafted by hand.  The transformation from a ball of clay to a finished piece takes weeks, and involves three main areas of expertise: throwing, glazing, and firing.


"Turning the clay on a wheel not only connects the maker and material like no other method, it is also the most dynamic and versatile way of making a pot.  After countless centuries of pottery making, it still proves to be the best way." - James West, Master Potter


"Ceramic glaze recipes are simple, often ancient, containing only clay, minerals, and water. Applied and fired with care, they transform almost magically into a glassy coating that adds both beauty and functionality to each piece. At Hanselmann Pottery we embrace a simplicity in glazing that lets the piece underneath speak for itself." - Esther Fredrickson, Glaze Technician


"Firing stoneware is different for every kiln. It takes time to learn and the stakes are high: weeks of work are perfected or marred depending on the skill of the fireman and development of the schedule. We fire to 2400 degrees over the course of 17 hours. Two days later the resulting work is cool enough to observe and unload. The process is dramatic, lengthy, and rewarding." - Luke Parker, Fireman