Cliff Spencer



Cliff learned and refined his skills "at the bench" from the talented professionals he has worked for in Los Angeles, Manhattan and Aspen, building everything from window displays, to sets, to fine cabinetry, millwork and furniture. His interest in wood making and salvaging dates back to his childhood in Birmingham, AL., where he was surrounded by old-growth trees and a tradition of craftsmanship.


In 2004, he ventured out on his own to develop a business in Los Angeles that promotes sustainable design, materials and construction. He partnered with his wife, Leigh, a graphic designer, and employs a growing, on-site team of dedicated craftspeople.


Life is short. Live simply. A table, a few chairs, a bed—all you need are the essentials. Cliff Spencer's furniture and cabinetry aim to evoke warmth, create comfort in your home and give you some peace. When the morning sun hits the swirling grain of the wood in one of these pieces in just the right way, you'll see a different angle, a shape, a curve you hadn't noticed before.