Christina Nicole



 Christina Nicole’s one-of-a-kind pieces are created to be functional, beautiful, comfortable, and cohesive. Christina and Travis Brooks design and craft all of their pieces from their home studio in the North Carolina countryside. They utilize traditional metalsmithing techniques with modern aesthetics. Each piece is hand-crafted, showing evidence of the process that refined and shaped it. They are mindful of what materials they choose to use- from recycled metals, to ethically mined stones, to biodegradable packaging.


Christina, a product of Savannah College of Art and Design, is experienced in several mediums including: interior design, large scale sculpture, and fashion.  She found her niche as a jeweler and has since cultivated her original designs through Christina Nicole. Her focus as a designer emphasizes the study of form and function to achieve beauty and individuality. The small-scale platform and three-dimensional approach to jewelry has highlighted her ability as an artist to bring concept to reality in a clear point of view.  


Travis, whose background is in marketing, views three-dimensional design with a point of view fixed on fluidity of content. Originally, he joined Christina Nicole to focus on business administration and day-to-day logistics. Today, Travis collaborates in both design and craft as he continues to cultivate his skills behind the bench.