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Ann Howell Bullard



Ann Howell Bullard believes in seeing like an artist, infusing stories, colors, moods, and other worldly fascinations into the objects we carry. Stringing together brain stamps from art history, literature, music, and architecture, Ann Howell Bullard designs exquisite leather goods that reflect authentic, imaginative experiences. Meticulously handcrafted, each piece is a miniature objet d’art -- perfect for collectors, curators + parties. 


Anne Howell loves art, the blues, the American South, having four names, chiles rellenos, cheese and crackers, the Tar Heels, purposeful run-on sentences, enormous pots of soup, drinking wine + tequila (separately, obvi), sprinkling glitter, browsing shops, reading stories, telling stories, sipping tea constantly, killing houseplants, snuggling, creating things out of nothing. She's not so into sports, dealing with spiders, functioning in cold weather, dancing.