Amber E Lea
Amber E Lea



Amber E Lea thoughtfully designs and hand makes all of her pieces in London, Arkansas. She sculpts her wearables, functional wares, and sculptures by hand, using a locally sourced porcelain clay body.

The wearables act as mini sculptures as they focus on pairing hand-sculpted porcelain jewelry pieces with fine metals. These mini sculptures incorporate dynamic hues that combine with vibrant metals, resulting in eye catching, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Amber uses a mix of hand building and wheelthrowing techniques. These techniques are used to create objects that act as canvases for most functional and sculptural work. A traditional mishima process is used to create line and pattern by carving the clay and inlaying vivid colors into the piece. Pure gold and silver sprinkle the surfaces through an additional process of hand painting.

Colors from the high deserts of New Mexico influence the palette of the pieces. The forms are affected by naturally occurring spaces and the textures of textiles. Lines and patterns of mid-century modern design also find their way into her work.