Cordwood Handmade



Cordwood Handmade was born out of Lisa Heimerle’s desire to create timeless goods to meet the needs of every maker. Lisa focuses on producing tool rolls, aprons, and tote bags. She draws inspiration from her surroundings--specifically sprawling farmland, weathered barns, dramatic mountain passes, or the honesty of a bicycle ride.


Materials include copper rivets, stone oiled cowhide leather, and waxed canvas sourced from Maine. With time, Cordwood Handmade goods will age beautifully with character. These materials are chosen for function, durability, and aesthetics.


Cordwood Handmade has now established itself as a supplier to those who craft, design, and engineer in specific fields.  These fields include gardening, illustrators, and bicycle mechanics, engineers, and riders.  Anything that involves getting your hands dirty and stretching your brain to new creative places, Cordwood Handmade will support you.